Canadian Sudanese College
Canadian Sudanese College

Welcome to Canadian Sudanese College ...

Academic excellence and follow up of latest curriculum taught at international universities are the prime objectives of the CSC. Having such close links with these universities and being desirous of qualifying students in foreign languages to ensure connectivity and thus enhancing students competitiveness at labor market.

Our main objective is to keep in Technology transfer and safe guard Sudan from lagging behind and coping with globalization and stopping any risks due to isolation.

Our graduates would be fully equipped with the latest knowledge that enables them to be the winners in workforce competitions.


What We Do ?

Review the content of the current programmes to keep them up-to-date. Explore new programmes that might be introduced.

Add new buildings to the current CSC campus in SOBA, to have an immediate impact on visitors and passers-by, is setting the pace in terms of building quality.


About Us

The Canadian Sudanese College (CSC) is a privately-owned higher education institution offering university level programmes at the Diploma and Bachelor level in Business and Computing.

It also offers short-course training programmes. A notable feature of CSC programmes is that they are delivered in English.