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Hundred of educational websites rated by popularity.

1. ESL /EFL Lesson Plans -Lesson plans designed and donated by TotalESL users . You can share your lesson plans to the world here !
2. ESLbase for ESL teachers and employees -many TEFL links for teachers.
3. TEACHER MAGAZINE - News and Information for teacher leaders.
4. useful English teaching links /word surfing test, internet test, beginner websites, sounds, movies, games ...etc.
5. JOHN AND SARAH'S TEFL PITSTOP -Designed more for teachers than students. Scroll down to find some interactive tasks.
6. EDICT -VIRTUAL LANGUAGE CENTRE  - Authoring utilities, concordance, and links.
7. OXFORD UNI PRESS -Teacher's club - lesson ideas, resources and other info, catalogues, etc . Must register to use, but it's free and easy.
8. LONGMAN -Resources for teachers, ELT Forum, teaching tips, ..etc
9. GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY site . Get some ideas from academic articles.
10. Companion site fro CB (Macmillan Publishers ).Extra activities to accompany the CB "Inside Out ". Downloadable audio clips, sample video, E -lesson, news of ESL conferences around the world.
11. Links to other sites + professional development tips.
12. Look for lessons and classroom games for ESL teachers.
13. RULES OF WRITING -Include 11 rules for good written English.
14. ABOUT - ENGLISH AS 2nd LANGUAGE -Language center site .Business English for foreigners.
15. BIG DOG'S GRAMMAR -Writing and grammar .Easy English use .About dog's story.
16. DOG HAUSE -Learn English from quoates about animals.
17. ENGLISH CORNER -Everyday English use .Many Chinese characters on the front page but English inside .
18. ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION -Business English of the University of Hong Kong site.
19. HOADWORKS -Loads of English games.
21. Free Cliparts, Pictures -Lots of Cliparts and pictures to decorate your teaching materials.
22. Free Animation Library -Thousands of free animations.
23. Cool links to Cliparts and Animations.
24. Internet Public Library . Loads of stuff .Links to other websites, things like biographies, dictionaries, science and technology, ..etc.
25. Create puzzle games to use in classrooms.
26. CNN and Turner broadcasting - Learning English from news.
28. TRAINING MATERIAL for volunteer tutors.
29. DISCOVERY SCHOOL  - Great puzzle maker tools and clip art.
30. ENGLISH CLUB TEACHERS SITE -Lesson plans, teachers forum, TEFL articles, classroom games, etc .
31. THE INTERNET TESL JOURNAL -Lots of categorized links to every aspect from theoretical to practical (single best link to everything ).
32. SCHOLASTIC TEACHERS SITE -Geared for public school, but some useful info, like teaching with technology.
33. REFDESK -This site is a link to almost anything . A great starting point for those lessons when students are trying to find information on something. Dictionary links, encyclopedia links, trivia links, links to newspapers all over the world, grammar links and biography links .
34. ONE STOP ENGLISH -Good teachers' site . Info on methodology, speaking and listening activities, writing, lessons, ..etc .
35. ENGLISH RESOURCE -Another good teachers' site .Free photo copy download for ESL /EFL classes .
36. Many lesson plan links . (include drama)

Andrew Moore's teaching resource site ( Drama, Literature and Poems )
38. A website for developing teachers.
39. Information on resume writing with many free sample resume templates .... how to write a resume, resume templates and resume examples ... print' link on the resume page and it will show the printable resume version to print
40. Create dynamic, functional teacher websites quickly ans easily .Free trial