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Department of English & Literature

What is Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)?

CPE is an English Programme has(17)courses in language skills . the courses cover all the language functions: Social, travel, Academic, business English for IT ...etc. in addition, before studying the Programme courses there is a two-month pure language course for all the candidates as preparatory course for the CPE Programme. There will be a placement test to discriminate students levels according to CEF: Elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate. The test will be online.

Who is it for?

This Programme is suitable to Sudanese certificate holders, graduates and Businessmen , and those who speak English but they do not have certificates.

Why CPE?

CPE Programme is a brand-new program and this is the first time to be introduced in the Sudan by the Canadian Sudanese College; It is an equivalent to Sudanese diploma certificates , and to (C2) level in language scales of CEF (Professional User of English).

Where can I get the course materials?

The collage provides the course materials for free.

How much time I need to get the CPE ?

The Programme duration is (12) months. You can study the course as full -attendant or partial attendant.

The classes will be in the morning from 11:00 AM To 1:00 PM , and the evening classes will be from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Who teaches the Programme?

Two Sudanese : Master holders in ELT (English Language Teaching) and TEFL ( Teaching English as Foreign Language) from European Universities

Two Sudanese Canadian lecturers.

One Bangladeshi.

Tow Americans Since CPE Computer skills: the college offers a free- training on how to use the computer and the internet; these two skills are highly important since the students spend four hours weekly in the language lab for practicing listening, and dealing with( OCSS: Online course Submission System at which the college sends lectures, activities ,electronic tests etc. for every a student to his personal email.

Lectures Room:

The lectures room have been designed specifically to implement the CPE Programme in the Sudan. Small rooms- well- conditioned with PLAZMA screens with internet connections where students can watch live Programme of CPE in other countries ,news briefings.

  • Oral Skills I.
  • Text-Based Skills I.
  • English for the Workplace.
  • English for Social and Community Purposes.
  • Oral Skills II
  • Text-Based Skills II.
  • English for Academic Purposes.
  • Academic Writing.
  • Spoken English in Practice.
  • Focus on Accuracy.
  • Focus on Pronunciation.
  • English Language Studies.
  • The Spoken Word.
  • Business Writing for International Contexts.