Faculy of Medical Science

Faculty of
Medical Science

This Faculty consists of several different training departments: the (MBBS) Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery, Nursing,and the Medical l Laboratory Science and we also give training in Optometry. These differing Programmes offer the Students a wide array of opportunities to understand how different treatments in medicine are applied and in what circumstances. The Canadian sudanese college has a proud tradition of producing great clinicians who have contributed handsomely to the growth of their respective fields both in the Sudan and elsewhere. While we emphasize a high degree of knowledge-based learning, in the clinical sciences we put great emphasis on empathy, compassion, humility and ethics. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to journey with us through your field of interest and as you do so and also we encourage you to aim for excellence in knowledge and practice and you will become a 'light shining from the west'.