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CSC is committed to academic excellence in all of its degree programs. Operating as a career-focused college, designing curriculum to meet student career needs and the employment market is at the core of everything we do. Academic excellence begins with our high-quality faculty who hold the appropriate educational credentials, possess credible professional work experience, and demonstrate the remarkable ability to assimilate educational theory into practice.
Additionally, up-to-date infrastructure and contemporary learning tools are essential components to ensure our students experience a continual environment of academic excellence. Consequently, Baker College maintains campus facilities with state-of-the-art classrooms and hands-on laboratories, and provides faculty and students with high-tech, advanced technological tools for teaching and learning.
From certificate programs to doctorate degrees, Baker College offers a wide array of programs (more than 100) representing a variety of academic disciplines.
I encourage you to schedule an interview with one of our professional admissions officers to discuss how Canadian Sudanese College’s academic programs align with your educational and career goal

Dr. Nagla Abdu-hameed

CSC Students Affairs